AmeCon Keele Uni, 10th - 12th August 2012

What is AmeCon?

AmeCon is a longstanding UK based convention dedicated to Japanese Anime and Manga, run by fans, for the fans.

Each AmeCon runs for 3 days and is crammed full of great events of all flavours, from cosplay workshops and masquerades, attendee run panels and guests, all the way to fan run skits in the AmeCon Omake.

Every evening we round up with a party, so after you've had a day of geeking out, you can have a drink and dance the night away.

But don't take our word for it, why not join us on the forum or social media? You'll find plenty of friendly like-minded AmeCon regulars to interact with.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

So what is AmeChibi?

In Spring 2015 our first AmeChibi will be running and it will be a little different. We're still AmeCon, and we're still dedicated to Japanese Anime and Manga. AmeChibi brings all you expect from AmeCon but the smaller size means a cosier venue, with less of that pesky walking around! So a smaller event, still jam packed with awesome panels, parties and people awaits!

Gophers - Your convention needs you!

Gophers are convention goers like you, people who volunteer to help out with the running of the convention. They are vital at the convention and their help during the weekend is both welcomed and rewarded. If you fancy lending a hand, then complete the form below..

Fortune favors the brave... join us in helping the action, happen!

breakBy becoming a Gopher, you'll be asked to do certain tasks by the committee, ranging from helping out in video rooms to helping the committee with technical and physical tasks, e.g. testing equipment and carrying boxes. The rewards are many, a Gopher badge, treats and a special end-of-convention gopher party.

To help us staff the events fully please include in your application what kinds of event you would like to gopher. e.g. video rooms , cosplay events, workshops and panels, etc.

Remember you have to be signed up and paid up for the convention before signing up as a gopher

Fields denoted with an asterisk are mandatory.

Email Address *

Name *

Date of Birth *

Badge Name *

Forum Name *

Interested In Gophering
Please state what and when you're interested in gophering, e.g. all weekend apart from the masquerade due to taking part.

Previous Gophering Experience
Please state any previous gophering experience, including which conventions and the roles you undertook.

Other Specialised Skills
Please state any additional skills that you may have that may be useful, e.g. first aid training, experience with A/V equipment.

Health Related Issues
Please state any health related issues which may interfere with your ability to gopher

AmeChibi 2015 Gophers - Terms & Conditions
Please note: To be a Gopher, you must be a fully paid member of AmeChibi 2015. If you haven't registered for AmeChibi 2015, or if you are on the waiting list, you cannot apply to be a gopher until you have a place at AmeChibi 2015. All applications will be reviewed and you will be emailed if successfully chosen.

As a Gopher, you will be required to help with the running of the convention through means of different tasks.

Applicants must be a confirmed member of AmeChibi 2015 and must be available to help over the weekend, subject to exception submitted in your application form.

Successful applicants will be assigned the position of gopher starting from when they have been successful up until the end of the convention, with exception of dismissal..

Tasks will be assigned based on the details you have submitted to us and information provided to us when you signed up to AmeChibi 2015, including health issues.

If a Gopher is discovered to be abusing their position or is not performing their duties to a satisfactory level, they will be either reassigned or dismissed as a gopher. Serious cases may result in being removed from the convention In addition to the task on the day.

Gophers will have access to a special gopher-only section of the AmeCon Convention Discussion Board. This section is used for gophers and committee to discuss issues with regards to the convention that are related to gophering. Gophers are not allowed to discuss any and all issues mentioned in the gopher forums to anyone other than a member of the committee or another gopher in private. Any Gophers discovered to have discussed private information to anyone outside of the committee or Gophers will be subject to review which may result in their position being revoked.

In addition, gophers have no additional powers on the forum, therefore gophers attempting to moderate the board will be either warned or subject to review.

Terms and Conditions may change over time, however successful gophers will be notified.

I agree to the terms above *

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