AmeCon 2018: Cosplay Masquerade & Competition Forms

Good evening everybody!

We're pleased to announce that the entry forms for the AmeCon 2018 Masquerade and Cosplay Competition are now open!

If you would like to participate in our Cosplay competition, you can go to to submit your entry.

If you just want to enjoy the fun of treading the boards in your finest threads, you can enter at

AmeCon Charity Drive

AmeCon is proud to announce that we'll be supporting Live Music Now as our charity for 2018

AmeCon outgoing email issue - now resolved

Good evening everyone,

We have been made aware of an external technical issue with the AmeCon email server provider, which caused most outgoing mail from email addresses to not be received by their intended recipients.

This issue has now been resolved by our web team in conjunction with the server provider and all previously failed emails have now been resent.

AmeCon 2018 cosplay guidelines now live

Happy Sunday folks!

We're a little under 4 months away from AmeCon 2018, and the buzz about your cosplay plans is growing. To help you along the way, we have updated our cosplay guidelines so that you can make sure you are 100% ready!

Let us know your cosplay plans! We always love to see your pictures, whether it's a work in progress or finished, and remember, the only thing we 100% demand about cosplay is that you have fun!

AmeCon 2018: On-site Accommodation Update (2nd February)

We’ve received confirmation from Warwick Conferences that all available rooms are available through the booking system. At the time of writing, there are still a number of Arden and Scarman rooms available (including limited twin / double rooms).

AmeCon 2018: On-site Accommodation Update

Following a discussion with the venue earlier today, we can confirm that we have been able to secure additional on-site accommodation for AmeCon 2018.

Warwick Conferences will be making the rooms available on their website in limited batches from midday tomorrow. We've been given reassurance that there are a large number of rooms available, therefore we will arrange another batch if there remains demand for on-site accommodation after this allocation of rooms are filled.

Booking accessible on-site accommodation rooms

Good evening everybody,

After a lot of really helpful feedback from our wonderful attendees, we have started the process of improving what we can for the attendees with accessibility requirements. We hope to have some good news and useful initiatives in place for everyone who needs help and support in 2018.

Our first step is something that will help with the upcoming accommodation launch on Monday 29th January 2018, with a guide on how to arrange accommodation for people who have particular needs.

AmeCon 2018: Addressing Accommodation Concerns

Good evening everyone. My name's Mark and I'm the Vice Chair here at AmeCon. Recently we've received a high number of concerns regarding accommodation at AmeCon 2018 and I would like to take some time to address these concerns.

Onsite accommodation bookings go live 29th January 2018

Good afternoon everybody!

2018 is already a few weeks old, which can only mean one thing... AmeCon is this year!

Event submissions have been coming in thick and fast and our Events Officer is looking through all of the submissions and making sure we have the finest selevction of panels and events to keep you all entertained. Thank you to everyone who has made a submission, you really do make the convention what it is.

Of course, it's not all fun and games, we all need a good rest at the end of the day, and that means we need somewhere to rest our heads.