Dealers FAQ

Do I need to register a membership on the website?

If you only intend to be in the dealer room and not attend any panels or events, then you do not need to register. If, however you do, you will need to register and purchase a full membership as this is treated separate to the dealer registration.

How do I apply to be a dealer?

Please fill out the webform here, applications will be reviewed by the dealer liaison and successful applicants will be notified when chosen.

How much are tables?

£60 per a table

How big are the tables?

The venue have advised that they will be providing 6' x 2' sized tables

Am I able to stick/blutack anything to venue walls?

No, this is strictly prohibited, you may however use freestanding stands on your table.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Refunds for table fees will incur a £10 administration fee up until 14 days before the event (Friday 4th August). All requests for refunds of table fees must be made to at least 14 days prior to Convention opening date. Any refund requests made after this time will be honoured only at the sole discretion of the Committee due to the nature of the Convention.

Where is the dealer room located?

The dealer room will be located on the ground floor of the Warwick Arts Centre Building, in the Mead Gallery room

Where can I find the terms and conditions?