You can find our AmeChibi 2021 dealer room at the rear of the hotel, adjacent to the Buckingham Conference Foyer.

Browse our diverse range of stalls whilst our established and lively dealers battle over your hard-earned pennies. They sing, they dance, but more importantly they have those rare figures, art books and film collections you’ve been waiting for. From authentic imports to home-crafted apparel, there's something for everyone.

Looking for something a little more personal? Our artist dealers should be able to help. Peruse their unique prints and accessories for sale or request a commission all of your own.

Opening Times will be:

Closed for Setup
10:00am - 5pm
10:00am - 5pm
Our Dealers List will be coming soon.

A note from the Dealer Liaison;

Dealer information will be made available as soon as we can confirm those willing to advertise their attendance.