What is AmeCon?

AmeCon is one of the UK's largest residential convention dedicated to the celebration of Japanese Animation, Culture and Comics, and the community that these media bring together all in one jam packed weekend.

By day we sport a timetable that is chock-full of attendee-run events and panels, our cosplay masquerade, and our talent packed Omake, as we as the chance to meet and hear from our lovely guests. By night our parties provide ample opportunity to let your hair down and get your groove on with friends, old and new.

The weekend would be nothing without our amazing community though, and there is more than enough ways to meet up, hang out, socialise, and build new memories together. Our games room means you get a pixel fix, or you can simply relax in one of the many public social areas.

Above all else, AmeCon is an event that is run by fans, for fans, and would be nothing without the fans. Every penny AmeCon receives goes into making the event that bit more special for the hundreds of attendees who return year on year. If you want to know more about AmeCon, have a poke about the site or drop us an e-mail!

Please be aware that AmeCon is an 18+ event.

AmeCon: Is it a business?

AmeCon has to be registered as a business for Tax returns and all that other riveting official stuff. However AmeCon actually runs more like a private members club than your typical Limited company.

We run not for profit. Meaning that we pay no wages, we make no profit and all organisers are entirely voluntary. There are no share holders, investors or business targets. The event is run by the fandom, for the fandom.

No profit?! Why are you doing this?!

Why are we registered as a company? Taking personal risks? Running the event with the possibility that something financially devastating could happen? Because most of us, if not all, have attended events in the past. We want to ensure that there are personal, fan run, homely events always available for the community. As long as there is an appetite for this kind of event, we will continue to provide one.