What is AmeCon?

If you're new to this whole thing, you might well be wondering: Just what on earth is this "AmeCon"? 

We are a UK-based fan-run convention celebrating Japanese animation, culture and comics. Since 2004 we have been putting on events at various venues across the country where people can get together to share in their love of anime and manga. Over the years we have seen changes in location, committee members and the technology we use to connect with our attendees, but one thing has always stayed the same: Our dedication to making sure everyone has a great time and wants to come back again.

What is there to do?

From Friday to Sunday you'll find plenty of events to enjoy, whether you want to attend one of the many informative panels, take part in a live game show or learn and practice a new craft. Perhaps you'll want to take part in the thriving cosplay community, enjoy the spectacle of the masquerade and the omake (talent show), maybe even take part yourself. There's also plenty of opportunities to relax and make new friends, maybe over a few friendly challenges in our well-stocked video games room or chilling in a fan-run cafe.

And in the evening?

Parties, parties, parties! Cut loose and dance up a storm at one of the many nightly parties. Live DJs, themed sets ranging from classic anime tunes to 90s nostalgia to K-Pop to rock and metal and all points in between. On Sunday get yourself glammed up and waltz your way around the dance floor at our formal cosplay ball (be sure to pack something fancy!)

How can I get involved?

Ahaha! Now we've got you! No, wait, don't run! 

AmeCon is only possible through the efforts, time and enthusiasm of very dedicated volunteers. Nobody here gets paid, we do everything for the love of the community and our little shared geeky world. Some attendees take up gopher positions, helping set rooms up and organise queues to make sure the weekend runs smoothly. Others put together panels to delight and educate (and in some cases, terrify) their fellow congoers.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch! I promise you, we would love to hear from you. If the above doesn't sound like your kind of thing, that's fine too! (Author's Note: I spent years doing very little but relax with my convention time, so trust me, I know the allure). We always want to get constructive feedback here, so please let us know the things you liked, the things you didn't like and what you want to see in future events. That way we improve, event after event.

AmeCon: Is it a business?

AmeCon has to be registered as a not-for-profit business for Tax returns and all that other riveting official stuff. However AmeCon actually runs more like a private members' club than your typical Limited company.

We run not-for-profit. Meaning that we pay no wages, we make no profit and all organisers are entirely voluntary. There are no share holders, investors or business targets. The event is run by the fandom, for the fandom.

No profit?! Why are you doing this?!

Why are we registered as a company? Taking personal risks? Running the event with the possibility that something financially devastating could happen? Because most of us, if not all, have attended events in the past. We want to ensure that there are personal, fan-run, homely events always available for the community. As long as there is an appetite for this kind of event, we will continue to provide one.