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Conbook artwork and article submission

Fancy yourself a captivating writer, talented illustrator or original short comic artist? Well AmeCon needs you! We're looking for writers and artists for various sections of the AmeChibi conbook. Share your opinions, preferences, anecdotes and visions with the community.

Submission deadline: Please have all content to us by 28th February 2015

I want to submit my work now!

Writer guidelines

  • Articles need to be provided as either a Word document (DOC) or TXT file. Artwork can be provided also.
  • Please keep your content tasteful, colourful language is okay, however dubious subject matter will not be accepted.
  • All content must be Anime, Manga, Japanese, convention or fandom related.
  • Get in touch with your ideas prior to submission, that way we can encourage or discourage articles types based on how many people are writing along a similar vein.
  • Try to not exceed 1500 words in it's entirety, that would be over two whole pages.
  • Think about the page, submit rough layout designs and say if you have any art requests that other submitters may wish to help with. Be creative with box outs, fact files, graphs and tidbits.
  • Remember your audience, will other attendees want to read this? Also is your piece self contained? We won't be running for at least another year (maybe more), people will not be happy if there's a part two coming soon.
  • Don't just submit short stories, opinions and single reviews, talk to us, tell us what you want to write about, we can help. do something new and interesting, guides, group reviews, spoof sections, etc.
  • Accompanying photos are preferred where available, please make sure you have permission from the photographer before submission. Credit can be given.

Artist guidelines

  • All art needs to be in at least 300 DPI and larger than 2000 pixels in any given direction. PNG file formats are preferred, however we will gladly accept JPG, TIFF, etc. Do not supply BMP files.
  • Comic artists need to remember that we have a limited number of pages, we will not dedicate 5-6 pages to one person, so if it's longer than 2 pages, either cut it down or rethink your idea.
  • Please be tasteful, violent and sexy images are fine, but if an image is deemed too extreme we will not include it.
  • Regarding pin-up and non sequential art, please theme this around AmeCon, AmeChibi or conventions as a whole. With comic strips, this is preferred, however not essential.
  • Only submit art you've created and have the right to submit.
  • Fan art is allowed, however we'd prefer to see something original.

Terms and conditions

By submitting artwork to the AmeChibi conbook, you are confirming that you hold full copyright of the created work. The AmeCon committee (due to page count restrictions), will only publish select content based upon quality and over all synergy with the entire publication. The committee will inform every entry if they have made the cut or if they will not be able to fit in this convention (those who do not get in can resubmit the following convention). To avoid dissapointment, please get in touch with the Editor prior to submission. The Editor may amend, add or remove content for suitability, grammar, spelling and humour.
The AmeCon committee reserves the right to republish (while giving full credit to the original author) any submission on the AmeCon website, on other convention materials and in any sub-sequential conbooks.
Copyright for all submissions remains the property of the creator and where possible, the convention committee will seek permission from the original author before republication of the work.

How to submit

Simply email your art and articles to with the following details: Name, badge name, the title of your piece (if available) and your enquiry or attached assets.