Dealers Terms and Conditions

In this Agreement the following definitions will apply:


AmeCon 2023 (“The Convention”)

The event organised by AmeCon Ent Ltd from 18th to 20th August.

The AmeCon Committee (“The Committee”)

The appointed committee members of the AmeCon Ent Ltd Committee.

Senior Convention Staff

The Directors of AmeCon Ent Ltd. (Company No. 09544298)


Vendors who have registered and paid for one or more tables at the Convention

Dealers’ Room

The area allocated by The Committee for use by registered vendors.

Dealer’s (Room) Liaison

Committee member with direct responsibility for liaising with the Dealers and managing the Dealer’s Room

The Terms & Conditions as set forth in this document govern the use of the Dealer’s Room and should be electronically accepted upon booking. By applying for table space at the
Convention, the signatory agrees on behalf of themselves and all persons for whom they are applying to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Dealers will receive two Dealer badges for the first table purchased, and one additional pass with any additional tables purchased. Additional Dealer badges may be agreed if more staff members are required on agreement with the Dealer’s Liaison. A Dealer badge allows entry to the Convention Dealer Room for one person, is not transferable, is valid for the duration of the Convention and must be worn at all times in the Convention area. In order to attend panels and events a full membership must be purchased seperately via the convention website.

2. Dealers and their staff are responsible for paying for their own food and other

3. Refunds for table fees will incur a £10 administration fee up until 14 days before the event. All requests for refunds of table fees must be made to at least 14 days prior to Convention opening date. Any refund requests made after this time will be honoured only at the sole discretion of the Committee due to the nature of the Convention.

4. The Committee does not condone the sale of any merchandise that violates UK Copyright laws and will not be held liable for any damages arising from such violation on the part of the Dealers who will remain solely and fully liable for any such breaches.

5. Copyright marks should be visible on merchandise wherever appropriate. Any products or items of merchandise that might be considered illegitimate in the opinion of The Committee, or if it has been brought to their attention by an appropriate and competent authority must be immediately removed by the dealer concerned. Any dealer who persists in offering the said merchandise for sale after being requested to remove it will be barred from the dealer room and ejected from the Convention immediately and no refunds will be offered.

6. Merchandise must not be sold from accommodation bedrooms or any area outside the designated Dealers’ Room, as this would be in violation of the accommodation’s regulations. Anyone found doing so would be referred to accommodation security. Any other illegal activities will also be referred to the proper authorities.

7. If any Dealer is disruptive, disregards the rules, harasses customers, other dealers, accommodation staff or the general public and is not amenable to correction, action will be taken by the Senior Convention Staff & Dealers’ Liaison. Complaints will be taken seriously and the action taken may include the immediate expulsion of the offending person.

8. No annoying or distracting displays or effects will be allowed. Lighting in the Dealer Room should be sufficient for viewing of all materials. Displays with non-intrusive self-contained lighting (such as prefabricated cabinets) may be permitted, but this must be specified at the time of booking including if a mains connection is needed.

9. The selling of weaponry or potentially dangerous items is not permitted. The
Committee reserves the right to determine whether material should be classed as “dangerous”.

10. Keep all pathways and exits clear. No materials will be allowed beyond the front edge of each table. Dealers may be requested to move items by the Dealer Room Liaison to ensure that exits are kept clear.

11. Dealers may have food/drink at their tables, but at their own risk and will remain responsible for removing any debris. The Dealers’ Room will not be cleaned during the Convention and dealers should dispose of their rubbish in the bins provided. Dealers will be permitted to eat and drink behind their tables but are requested to respect the wishes of other traders.

12. No displays may be attached to the Dealer’s Room walls without prior consent of the Dealers’ Liaison.

13. We ask that dealers clear out of the Dealers’ Room as swiftly as possible at the end of the Convention.


AmeCon Ent Ltd, its Officers and Directors, Warwick University or
any of their staff will not be held liable for loss of equipment, merchandise, revenues, or any
other direct or indirect damage however caused. The Committee will endeavour to provide
suitable security wherever possible, but Dealers remain responsible for their property,
vehicles, and displays.

The Senior Convention Staff reserves a number of rights, including, but not limited to:

  • The right to decline an application for the booking of dealer tables
  • The right to revoke membership of the Convention during the event if, in the opinion of the Senior Convention Staff, any person behaves in a manner that contravenes the terms and conditions for Dealers and/or Attendees.
  • The right to refuse entry to the Convention to any individual.

These rights, singly or in any combination, shall be exercisable by the Senior Convention Staff at its sole discretion.