Cosplay Ball

AmeCon is the only UK anime convention with a formal (required) Cosplay Ball. We feel that if you're going to do a Ball, you need to do it right, and formal attire makes that Ball all the more special.

We attempt to go for the Ambassador's Reception feel from the old Ferrero Rocher adverts, with butlers with serving trays full of the chocolates mentioned previously. The only main difference is that we have cosplayers in formal attire and the traditional ball music, while still of the same style, is from your favourite anime series.

The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is patient and willing to dance, regardless of how talented you are on the ballroom floor.

If formal isn't your thing and you have no taste for formal cosplay, then fear not; AmeCon always ensures there's something available for people to do, other rooms will still be open.

Formal (cosplay optional) is required for entry. Sorry, the ball doesn't have the same effect without this requirement, come and experience it for yourself and you'll be pleasantly suprised.