Gopher Discount

AmeCon offers a gopher discount and this Amecon will be no different. All gophers that sign up and help out will be eligible for a discount to the next AmeCon/AmeChibi event.

What is a gopher?

A gopher is a voluntary helper, we require a decent number of them in order to successfully run an event. We'll be adding a gopher section to the website soon outlining what they do and what they get in return, this section however is only covering the discount offered for gophering.

How does it work?

AmeCon's gopher discount is offered for services-rendered, this means that if you gopher at an event one year, you are offered the discount for the next AmeCon/AmeChibi event. Please note that this is a 'use it or lose it' offer, the discount will not roll over.

What are the perks?​

There are a number of perks that are offered:

  • You are guaranteed a place for the event you have discount for, however you must still register your place in advance.
  • You get a discounted membership (amount decided per event).

What is the discount for the next AmeCon/AmeChibi?

Each AmeCon we decide the discount amount for the gophers at the previous event. So if you gopher at AmeCon(2023), when we are organising the next AmeCon/AmeChibi, we will work out the discount amount then.

What is the discount for AmeChibi 2022 gophers coming to AmeCon (2023)?

This year we're offering free entry for AmeChibi 2023 gophers as a thank you for all their hard work.