Acceptable Forms of ID

AmeCon will only accept government approved PASS Photo ID as identification. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Passport
  • Photocard driving license (full or provisional, photographic card only)
  • CitizenCard
  • Prove It Card
  • Validate UK Card
  • Young Scot Card (the new version with PASS hologram, not the old one)
  • Armed Forces photo identity card
  • EU National Identity Card
  • Other National Identification Card
  • University Student Photo ID Card
  • NUS Photo ID Card
  • Biometric Residency Permit

Your identification card must be valid for the dates of 18th August 2023 to 20th August 2023. Use of fake identification may result in being banned from the current and future conventions run by AmeCon.

Entry is available with other government approved-level ID options not listed at the Registration Officer's discretion, please get in contact if your valid ID does not fall into the categories outlined above.

Identification will be required when registering for the convention on the day. Without it, you will not be able to complete your registration to AmeCon and therefore be unable to attend the convention. Staff at the venue may request identification for the purchasing of alcohol, however this is at the venue's discretion.

Please note that the name provided in the registration process is the one on your valid for of ID, we understand that people may have changed names (deed poll, marriage, etc), but to efficiently process members in the registration queue, your provided name is only used for registration purposes and should match the ID that you will be providing. If you have further questions or concerns, or need to update your details, please contact our Registration Officer on

If you need to apply for a form of ID please see the websites below: