AmeCon Charity Drive

AmeCon is proud to announce that we'll be supporting Live Music Now as our charity for 2018

Founded in 1977 by Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker CBE, Live Music Now works with a very diverse range of people that rare, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music - some of whom are very disadvantaged. Live Music Now select young, professional musicians who combine exceptional performing skills with special qualities of insight, generosity of spirit and flexibility. They enhance their skills through their distinctive approach to training and performance, then send them out into the community to perform for older people and children with special educational needs across the UK.

AmeCon will be supporting Live Music Now during AmeCon 2018 and we hope you will join us through our fundraising and charity events. If you would like to know more about Live Music Now then please visit their website at



Live Music Now - Untold Stories from Live Music Now on Vimeo.


AmeCon 2018 Charity Drive
During the convention we'll be raising money for Live Music Now, which you support by donating online via JustGiving, at the event itself or by texting "LMWA50" followed by your donation to 70070 e.g. if you wish to donate £5, you would send the message "LMWA50 £5".

Text donations can be made in either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 denominations and are free on all network. JustGiving will reply confirming your donation, as well as details on how to reclaim Gift Aid. Further details can be found on the JustTextGiving website.

Charity Auction
On Sunday 29th July we'll be hosting a charity auction filled with unique and interesting items for sale to raise money for Live Music Now. If you have anything that you would like to donate for the charity auction then please contact us on