Cosplay Guests - Mirazie

AmeCon is proud to announce that our cosplay guest for 2018 will be Mirazie Cosplay

With over ten years of experience, Mirazie has crafted an amazing array of cosplays from a range of animated and gaming series, including Sakizou Fruit, Howl's Moving Castle, Little Witch Academia and Claymore.

Mirazie will be joining us from Denmark and brings a massive amount of talent, which can be seen in her amazing work. We hope you will join us in giving her a very warm welcome at AmeCon.

You can follow Mirazie and view amazing work on both her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Instagram -
Facebook -


Wizard from Diablo
Wizard from Diablo.
Photo by Michael La-Cour

Akko from Little Witch Academia
Akko from Little Witch Academia.
Photo by Michael La-Cour

Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors
Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors.
Photo by JCM Photography

Edward from Enchanted
Edward from Enchanted.
Photo by Kelevar Cosplay and Photography