29-31 July
Warwick Arts Centre

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AmeCon 2012 - Bring & Buy Forms & Guidelines

Details regarding the Bring & Buy for AmeCon 2012 are now available on the website.

This year we've increased the limited for all forms, allowing you to sell more items at the Bring & Buy over the convention weekend. As always, three forms for general items are available with a limit of one of each form; however each form now holds twenty items and you can submit up to forty items over the three forms, e.g. 20 graphic novels, 15 DVDs and 5 other items.

A separate form is also available for those wishing to sell artwork at the convention, with room for up to ten different pieces of artwork. Please make sure to read the guidelines with regards to how many pieces of each artwork you will be allowed to sell during the convention weekend.

If you are interested in selling items at the Bring and Buy, please visit the relevant page on the website. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on the forum or email our Bring & Buy officer.