Covid-19 update

Hello All,

As you know, we've been monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19, lock-down and AmeChibi. As the likelihood of AmeChibi being able to run in August is looking less and less likely, we are hoping to have a new plan in place soon that we can share with all of you at once.

AmeChibi is being rescheduled (dates to be confirmed).

Due to a misunderstanding, the hotel has moved the room bookings across to the proposed new dates prematurely. This situation is out of our control and we apologise to all our attendees for any confusion and stress this may cause.

As its plain to see, we are working on some changes and we are looking forward to informing everyone once we can be absolutely confident that these plans are confirmed and contracts are in place.

We will have another update for you as soon as possible, with further information, including should if anyone need to cancel.