AmeCon 2018: Addressing Accommodation Concerns

Good evening everyone. My name's Mark and I'm the Vice Chair here at AmeCon. Recently we've received a high number of concerns regarding accommodation at AmeCon 2018 and I would like to take some time to address these concerns.

As mentioned on the accommodation section of our website, the University of Warwick will be offering a range of rooms at Bluebell, Radcliffe and Scarman. Many of you have been concerned that there won't be enough accommodation available for those who wish to be on-site during the convention weekend. While we are confident with the number of rooms available for our attendees, we will be keeping a close eye on the amount signing up for on-site accommodation and will take appropriate action if possible.

We've also received concerns regarding an increase in cost for on-site accommodation. When we launched the AmeCon website back in 2017, we listed the costs for on-site accommodation with a note that this excluded VAT; however, it has come to our attention that there may have been a brief period of time where this wasn't the case. The committee takes the utmost care to provide clear and accurate information to our attendees. 

Following an investigation we can confirm that the information we provided on the launch of the website and when registrations went live was correct and mentioned that VAT needed to be included with the cost listed. We have not, however, been able to confirm if any changes were made to the website in-between those dates, including the removal of the VAT reference. Nevertheless, we do apologise for any confusion and frustration this may caused to our attendees and will be mindful of this going forward.

I do hope that this post does ease some of your concerns; however, if you do have any further concerns and/or frustrations then please contact either myself ( or our chairman ( directly.

Many thanks,

Mark Loveridge
- AmeCon Vice Chair