Bunkazilla at AmeCon 2018

Prepare to hear the monsters of culture roar as Bunkazilla stomps into AmeCon 2018!

Something monstrous this way comes to AmeCon this year and it comes in the shape of Bunkazilla!

Bunkazilla is a new UK online geek culture radio station which recently launched in March earlier this year. The station is the brainchild of Iain Boulton, the former MC and Vice-Chairman of Kitacon. Bunkazilla’s core station programming mixes various forms of talk shows focusing on such topics as movies, television and games along with a variety of music shows.

Some of Bunkazilla’s original programming includes:

  • Bunkazilla Brunch – the station’s flagship weekend morning breakfast show and it’s live!
  • Passion Project – Colliding international culture and impossibly big ideas; host Nathan Blades speaks to LGBTQ artists from across the world and across genre about their work, their inspirations and if they had infinite time and resources what weird and wonderful thing they would make.
  • Let’s Listen To Music with National Hamster – DJ National Hamster has various musical lists of concerns and he shares them each episode.
  • A Redhead’s Ramblings –Each episode, Lizzie Barnes talks to audiences about subjects of fandom cultures, covering anything and everything in the wonderful world of geek culture.
  • Bunkamania – Wrestling fans Iain Boulton and Christian R. Allan unite to cast their eyes over the weird, wonderful and occasionally thrilling world of wrestling.
  • Bunkazilla Rock Show – the station’s dedicated rock show hosted by AmeCon’s own Party Pirate
  • OST Time – Taking a refreshing sip into the world of soundtracks, each episode is a curated list of songs and music pieces featuring in various soundtracks from movies, television and video games.
  • Bunka Film Club – The Bunkazilla team cast their eyes over the latest cinematic releases
  • Roll on The Adventure – A show looking at tabletop roleplaying design and experimentation. In each arc, the team cobble together brand new tabletop roleplaying game, playtest it, and then rip it to shreds in the after action report.
  • Boardgames with Bez - Host Bez takes a more holistic look at boardgaming in general. Games used as examples will be briefly explained. Topics will be delved into deeply. This should be of interest both for a BG newbie and for those interested in deeper examination of the medium.

In addition to original shows, syndicated shows such as Hustlers of Culture, Binges and Boxsets, The Hardcore Genki Hour and Bela Lugois’s Shed.

Bunkazilla will be recording and broadcasting over the convention weekend bringing highlights of AmeCon to its listeners.  Special shows will be scheduled throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday specially for AmeCon.

There will also be additional music blocks of the station’s Bunkazilla Request Show planned for the weekend as well so AmeCon attendees, whether they be getting their costumes ready in accommodation, chilling on the stone steps at Warwick University, or need a bit of a musical pick up before the many panels, events and evening parties, can help form their special convention soundtrack for the AmeCon weekend with Bunkazilla.

Even if not you’re attending AmeCon, Bunkazilla will be there to showcase all the convention action from this year’s event.

For those looking to know even more about Bunkazilla and the people involved, the station will be holding an “Introducing Bunkazilla” panel on the Friday afternoon of AmeCon and will be host to a few special announcements from the station including new shows and more.

Speaking about taking Bunkazilla on the road to Warwick, Iain Boulton said “We’re very excited and thrilled to bring Bunkazilla to AmeCon and in its first public convention outing to boot. We have great talented people involved, also coming to event to support the station, with some terrific content aimed at audiences like AmeCon’s attendees. The Bunkazilla team can’t wait to share the monstrous roar of Bunkazilla with everyone at this year’s event. It’s one of many stomps we’ve made during our first few months of broadcast and hopefully the springboard for many more exciting things to come for Bunkazilla.”

You can listen to Bunkazilla online at their website (https://bunkazilla.co.uk) or via their Android or Apple mobile apps – now available from their respective mobile stores. You can also follow them on their respective Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds too.