AmeCon: 2 weeks away

With just a fortnight to go until the kick off for AmeCon 2018, there is a lot stuff for you to prepare, so we thought we’d get you a check list ready to make sure you are ready to go!


The first thing (and probably one of the biggest things) is please do not forget to bring valid photo ID with you to AmeCon 2018. We require all members to provide valid ID so that we can ensure they are registered for AmeCon 2018 for a large number of reasons, not least of all to make sure you are insured at our event, which means we have to be very strict with this rule. There are a number of forms of ID you can bring with you:

  • Passport
  • Photocard driving license (provisional or full, but it must be the plastic photo card)
  • CitizenCard
  • Prove It Card
  • Validate UK Card
  • Young Scot Card (only versions with the PASS hologram are accepted)
  • Armed Forces Photo ID card
  • EU National Identity card
  • Other National ID cards
  • University Student Photo card
  • NUS Photo ID Card
  • Biometric Residency permit

As you can see there are a lot of options here, please make sure you bring something with you, we don’t like turning people away because of this.

Your ID must be valid for the dates of 27th July 2018 to 29th July 2018. There is no exception to this rule and no other forms of identification will be accepted.

Please note that AmeCon cannot and will not accept any form of ID that has expired, as it would not be legally valid documentation.

Use of fake identification may result in being banned from the current and future conventions run by AmeCon.

Please contact with any specific ID queries.


So far this month, the weather has been glorious and sunny and this seems set to continue. Forecasts currently show the weather getting slightly cooler, but with plenty of sun expected, so please make sure if you are in the sun that you are protecting your skin! Take lotion when you’re out and about, find somewhere shady to cool off, and if you’re in cosplay, don’t forget to take breaks and give your body a break from the heat. Water is always a good idea too, hydration is massively important, so don’t forget Party Pirate’s rule; Don’t Hit The Deck. There are plenty of places to get water so please look after yourselves so that you can enjoy the full convention experience.


One of the great things about Warwick Arts University is that it is easy to get to, no matter how you travel. Train, coach, and car journeys can all be used to get to us. We have got full details on how to get to AmeCon 2018 on our Venue page.

For those of you driving to AmeCon 2018, make sure you check your route before you head off so you can avoid delays, and don’t forget to go to to arrange your parking registration.


We really mean it… don’t forget your ID… PLEASE!


Cosplay is a massive part of our culture and community. If you are bringing a cosplay with you then our main request is HAVE FUN! We love seeing all the wonderful ways our community celebrates their favourite series, games, characters and themes, and we want you to have great fun doing so. If you are taking photos, please remember to ask for permission first. Remember there is no such thing as a minimum skill requirement for cosplay, the only thing you need is to love what you are doing.

If you are in the AmeCon 2018 Masquerade or Omake, please make sure you arrive at the event on time so we can get you in the right place at the right time.

Don't forget to check the Cosplay Guidlines, and when travelling to AmeCon 2018, please be mindful of your props. Weapons should be packed discreetly (and of course securely) to ensure no unfortunate mistakes from the public. Also be careful with your props when you are on the convention floor. 


We’re all going to head to AmeCon 2018 for an amazing time, and for some of us that includes a tipple. If you are going to be drinking at AmeCon 2018, please make sure you do so responsibly. Because of the licensing for Warwick Arts University, all indoor areas are considered licensed venues, which means no personal alcohol should be brought in. Outside social areas are fine, but as always, remember to be responsible.

AmeCon has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of drugs or legal highs. If you are found to be using illegal substances, your badge will be confiscated and a report made to the police.


Did we mention this already? DON’T FORGET YOUR ID!


On-site accommodation is managed by Warwick Conferences, so for any help please contact them in the first instance. If you need any help we will do our best to assist you. No matter where you are staying, please respect the accommodation you are in, and remember there are others staying there. Keep noise to a minimum, especially during the evenings, and remember there will be members of the public around too!


The University of Warwick and Warwick Arts Centre have been a major part of the UK Anime Convention scene for a long time now, and the venue has  become a loved site by most of our community. Because of this, please make sure you respect the site and the employees who work there. Also remember that some areas are open to the public, and that they should also be respected. The venue are currently working on a major works project, called the 20:20 Project, with Phase 1 coming to an end soon. Unfortunately this does mean there will be a small amount of building works at the venue during AmeCon 2018. Under no circumstances are attendees to go into these areas. We have been assured that these works will not be intrusive and that you will be able to enjoy the venue as much as always.


There are plenty of places onsite and in the surrounding area to grab food of all kinds, from a quick snack in Rootes Grocery Store to a full meal in the Dirty Duck or Bar Fusion. However you’re doing it, make sure you’re keeping yourself well fuelled. Convention days can be long ones but they fly by, Party Pirate’s rule applies here as well!


Seriously though. Bring photo ID with you!

Gophers & Staff

AmeCon 2018 wouldn’t be able to run without our dedicated team of Gophers. These volunteers give their time up to help us with the convention, and we can’t thank them enough for this. Most of the time you will see our Gophers at the entrances to events, the Dealers Room and the Games Room, checking to make sure you are wearing your badge. Please ensure your badge is clearly visible when you’re entering events and rooms. We understand they may be tucked away at times so you may be asked to hold up your badge before you are allowed entry.

We are always happy to welcome new Gophers. If you would like to volunteer please check in with the Ops team. There is no minimum requirement of Gopher hours, we just ask that if you sign up to help on a particular event, you turn up.

At AmeCon 2018 we will also have a small amount of Staff members. Staff are officers with dedicated roles, an essential part of the AmeCon team, and have been tasked with certain responsibilities. Please give them the same respect you would give to our Gophers and Committee members.

If you have any concerns about the conduct of a member of the Gopher team, Staff or Committee, please bring this to our attention so we can help resolve the situation.


The most important aspect of AmeCon 2018 is our community. The AmeCon Committee are dedicated to making sure everyone enjoys the event and that you feel you are in a safe welcoming environment, able to enjoy time with like-minded people. If you have any concerns, please bring them to a Committee member and we will do our very best to address the issue. We always welcome constructive feedback as well as ideas for future events.


We hope AmeCon 2018 is going to be a weekend you will remember fondly for a long time to come, and that you will leave the convention having had amazing experiences, a lot of laughs and feeling pleased to have been a part of it. AmeCon has always been proud to host this amazing community and we look forward to seeing you again this year. Good luck with your last minute preparations, safe journeys to the event, and please…