Important Venue Information Regarding AmeCon 2018 - July 19th

Earlier this month we announced that planned building work for Warwick 20:20 had overrun, stating that we believe the vast majority of the campus would be unaffected. Following an investigation we discovered a small number of rooms had changed, resulting in a delay in releasing our events schedule for AmeCon 2018.

Today we've been informed that some of the rooms we had planned to use may no longer be accessible for the event; however, we are unable to confirm if this will be the case until nearer to the event. As a result, the release of the event schedule has been postponed and we plan to release it once we have clarified which rooms will be affected. The AmeCon Committee would like to apologise for delay, which is entirely due to events outside of our control, and we hope to provide you with information about our events for this year as soon as possible.

Regarding access to the convention, we have been informed that lift and ramp access will be available to all buildings and panel rooms throughout the event.

The AmeCon Committee have also been informed that a number of accommodation rooms at Bluebell have been affected by the building work for Warwick 20:20. Warwick Conferences are contacting those affected by this and we recommend contacting them directly if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have any queries or concerns then please contact either our Chairman, Scott (, or Vice Chair, Mark (