On-the-day Registration Guide

We're now just a handful of days away from AmeCon 2018! We hope you're excited, we've got an amazing event in store for our many attendees.

Before you all start your journeys to Warwick, we'd like to advise you of the on-the-day Registration process. This is how you will "check-in" to AmeCon, collect your badge and con pack, and proceed with having a brilliant weekend.

We've uploaded our Events Booklet ahead of the event, which you can download from this link: https://bit.ly/ameevents2018 There are a few site maps towards the end of the booklet which will assist you in accessing the various locations that we will be using.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change, please see the Events Booklet for further information.

Please be aware that unlike the previous two AmeCon summer events, we will not be running a Thursday night pre-registration at AmeCon 2018.

  • Step 2: On the morning of Friday 27th July 2018, Registration will be open from 10am to 1pm in the Foyer Area on the ground floor of the Students Union Building. Please queue from the ramp that leads down into the Students Union building. This ramp is situated above the popular circular Piazza area, and to the right of the steps up to the Dirty Duck.



If you have any accessibility requirements, a Gopher and our Accessibility Officer will be queue-walking during Registration, so please make yourself known to them so that we can best accommodate your needs.


  • Step 3: Make sure you have your valid ID and a copy of your Registration Confirmation Email with you. In particular, if you have purchased a Premium membership, please make a note of this.

As we've stressed before, your identification card must be valid for the dates of 27th July 2018 to 29th July 2018. There is no exception to this rule and no other forms of identification will be accepted. Use of fake identification may result in being banned from the current and future conventions run by AmeCon.

Please note that AmeCon cannot and will not accept any form of ID that has expired, as it would not be legally valid documentation.

  • Step 4: There will be just one queue. When you get to the front of the queue, head over to the next available Registrations table.
    • If you have purchased a Standard membership, please go to one of the tables on the LEFT.
    • If you have purchased a Premium membership, please go to the table on the RIGHT.
  • Step 5: Tell the Gopher at the desk your registration number or show them your Registration Confirmation Email, and show them your valid ID when requested. Your registration number will then be entered into the computer and a few moments later, the Gopher will be able to hand over your badge.
  • Step 6: Head over to the con bag station to collect your con bag, and that's it! You can leave the building and get started with your weekend! Please make sure you leave the building immediately so that we can keep the exits clear and avoid overcrowding.

Please ensure that you clip your badge to the lanyard that you will receive in your con bag, and wear this lanyard around your neck with the badge displayed clearly at all times while you are at AmeCon, and on site at the University of Warwick. Your badge will be checked every time you enter an event room and is proof of your membership for the weekend.
Your badge is valid ONLY when it is worn by yourself. Badge-swapping will not be tolerated and may result in your expulsion / banning from this and future AmeCon events.

If you will be arriving at the venue on Friday 27th July 2018 after Registration closes at 1pm, there will be a brief period where we relocate from the Students Union foyer to the Ops room ("Panorama 1") on the second floor of the Rootes Building next door. You will be able to collect your badge and con pack from Ops between 2pm and 10pm. If you arrive after 10pm, you will be able to collect your badge and con pack from 9am the following day.

As always, if you have any queries regarding your registration or ID, please contact our Registrations Officer Chloé at registrations@amecon.org as soon as possible.

See you on Friday!