September Update

We're almost 3 weeks away from AmeChibi! We're busy away getting everything ready, and we're excited to be seeing you all soon.

In preparation for that we're also happy to announce that we have opened a Discord server for everyone to use and discuss plans. You can join the server by going to

We also thought that we'd take a moment to shout-out a few things that we recently mentioned in our social media posts:

Are you an active cosplayer and want to show off your creations? As with every AmeCon we have our catwalk cosplay Masquerade and Omake skit show. Please register ahead of time to secure your spot:

More information can be found at

Got a bunch of manga, DVDs, figures, or other anime merch taking up space you don't have? Then our bring & buy could help find a loving home for them, guidelines and details can be found at

As per usual we will have our cosplay ball event, however with us being in spooky month we thought we'd give it a Halloween theme this year. The ball will be on the Sunday night and as always, the dress code is formal and formal cosplay, but with a bonus additional option of spooky for this year.

We recently reopened our registration system. We have some spots left, so if you have any friends who would like to come along, then please encourage them to signup asap. As we do not allow people to register on the door.

That's all for now!