Cosplay - Competition

Please note that this event is subject to Amecon recieving sufficient entries.

If your proud of your creative streak, the Cosplay Competition is your chance to show off your costumes and hard work to our panel of judges.

Held behind closed doors you do not need to present or perform in front of an audiance to take part, winners will be announced in the closing ceremony. You will have a few minutes to present your costume to our panel of friendly judges who will chat to you about your costume, they will be looking for accuracy, quality of construction and at the techniques you have used. This is also a great opportunity to get some feedback and ideas on how to bring costumes to life!

You will be asked to submit some reference pictures and given a timeslot either Sat or Sun.

A costume should predominanty have been made by the person entering (the maker).
Modified clothing items can be worn as part of a costume but be aware that this may effect how you are assessed on quality of construction and technique if relied upon heavily.
Some commisioned items can be included as part of a costume but should be declared and will only be concidered for accuracy.

Original Characters are also welcome but you should bring a portfolio of sketches and inspiration with you to support your entry and be prepared to explain your entry and choices to the judges.

It is permissable to enter a costume that is being worn by someone else (both maker and model should attend) but only one entry is allowed per maker.

In the case that one person has made a group of costumes these may be entered together as one entry but the judges will consider the costumes as a whole.

Cosplay Competition sign up: Please follow the link to the form

Cosplay Competition sign up form