Registration support

Good evening everyone!

Registrations is fast approaching (less than 48 hours to go!) and AmeCon HQ is abuzz with activity in preparation for the big day! We wanted to let you know a few key details about things you'll need to know on Monday.

First up, there will be a short downtime as our computer genius prepares the site for the hoard of F5 buttons being pressed. Please don't panic if you are greeted with a message saying our site is down before registration opens, it's all part of the master plan!

AmeCon 2018 Website live!

Welcome to the AmeCon 2018 website. Over the coming weeks we'll start to fill the site with further information about the event, including; How to get involved, what's going on and, most importantly, event registration.

Want to get ahead of the game? Register for your website account now, you'll need one to register for the event.