AmeCon 18th-20th August 2023

AmeChibi postponed until 2022

As mentioned previously, the AmeCon Committee took the decision to further postpone the event and will no longer run AmeChibi in April 2021 and have now formally agreed and signed our new dates with the venue. AmeChibi will be running 14th-16th of October 2022.

All registered members have had their membership automatically transferred to the new dates.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in this current environment and we solemnly hope that October 2022 will be the last delay to the event and we will be able to safely run as intended.

Important update regarding AmeChibi 2021

Hello everyone, 

We hope you are all faring well during these uncertain times and keeping safe and healthy. When we moved the AmeChibi event to April 2021 we were quite hopeful that we chose a viable date, however as the months have passed it has become more and more unfeasible for us to run in April due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

We would like to let you know that we do not intend to run AmeChibi in April 2021 anymore. We would strongly advise against booking any AmeChibi related travel / accommodation for April. 

AmeChibi postponed

After reviewing the Covid-19 situation, the committee has decided to postpone AmeChibi until the 16th-18th of April 2021. This was not an easy decision to come to, but we feel that in order to offer you the safest and best possible event, we are unable to run this summer.


We understand that not everyone will be able to attend the event on it’s new dates, if members cannot attend, they are entitled to a refund. Should a member require a refund, they should email with their membership details.

Covid-19 update

Hello All,

As you know, we've been monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19, lock-down and AmeChibi. As the likelihood of AmeChibi being able to run in August is looking less and less likely, we are hoping to have a new plan in place soon that we can share with all of you at once.

AmeChibi is being rescheduled (dates to be confirmed).

Due to a misunderstanding, the hotel has moved the room bookings across to the proposed new dates prematurely. This situation is out of our control and we apologise to all our attendees for any confusion and stress this may cause.


The AmeCon committee have been following the government response to the Covid-19 virus and it is not clear what restrictions or guidance may be in place in August.

With that in mind AmeChibi is not being cancelled at this time. Over the coming days and weeks, the committee will review this in light of any emerging developments. We will of course, ensure you are all kept fully informed.

The AmeCon Committee

AmeChibi 2020 Website Goes Live!

With just over two weeks until registration for our next event we are pleased to show off our new website theme. As AmeChibi is taking place alongside the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Ame-chan is celebrating by following a sporty theme in her style choices.

Alongside the launch of our website we have some important information we can share with you:

User accounts

Following AmeCon 2018, to comply with GDPR, we have deleted all prior site user accounts. You will need to sign up for a website account again before you can reserve your membership to AmeChibi 2020.