AmeCon registration is live! To avoid disappointment, please register as soon as possible and secure your membership by paying. Unpaid memberships will expire after 14 days and waiting list members will be promoted to the pending payment status.

Membership (£70)


An AmeCon member gets the following perks:

  • Full access to the convention
  • The AmeCon 2023 Conbag
  • Your AmeCon 2023 Conbadge with your badge name printed on it
  • The AmeCon 2023 lanyard

You will need an account on this site to register for the convention. So you can either create a new account now or if you already have an account you can log in.

Creating an account allows you to register for the convention and in the event that convention e-mails are not delivered (due to ISP spam filters or suchlike), you can login to check the status of your registration.