AmeCon 2018: On-site Accommodation Update (2nd February)

We’ve received confirmation from Warwick Conferences that all available rooms are available through the booking system. At the time of writing, there are still a number of Arden and Scarman rooms available (including limited twin / double rooms).

AmeCon 2018: On-site Accommodation Update

Following a discussion with the venue earlier today, we can confirm that we have been able to secure additional on-site accommodation for AmeCon 2018.

Warwick Conferences will be making the rooms available on their website in limited batches from midday tomorrow. We've been given reassurance that there are a large number of rooms available, therefore we will arrange another batch if there remains demand for on-site accommodation after this allocation of rooms are filled.

AmeCon 2018: Addressing Accommodation Concerns

Good evening everyone. My name's Mark and I'm the Vice Chair here at AmeCon. Recently we've received a high number of concerns regarding accommodation at AmeCon 2018 and I would like to take some time to address these concerns.