Disabled Accommodation Requirements

Warwick University offer disabled access rooms and also will ensure that carers are situated near the person by which they are providing care. This page contains information about how to arrange a disabled access room and/or ensure your carer is located close to you.

Please note

AmeCon has no control over venue accommodation. However, we have worked closely with the venue this year to arrange a way around their system's limitations to ensure that disabled attendees can get the services they require (subject to availablity).

While AmeCon is providing a form for part of this process, all the information is sent to venue and therefore all arrangement and allocation will be handled by the venue.

Disabled access rooms

If you require disabled access, the venue has a number of rooms earmarked for those who need them. To arrange a disabled access room you will need to purchase your room through the booking form and on step 3 (Questions for <your name>), you will need to select "Accessible room required". The venue will then ensure that you are provided with a room that meets your needs.

Carer rooms

Booking and arranging for a carer nearby is more difficult as the form partially supports this at the moment, i.e. as far as stating that you will be booking for a carer also, but not stating who that person is. We have, however, arranged with the venue a work around to ensure that carers can be located near the person they are providing care for.

Step 1 - Your booking

First you will need to book your own room or have it booked by your carer. Under the 3rd step of the booking system, you will need to select "Carer (additional room to be booked)". Then complete the purchase.

Step 2 - Your Carer's booking

Next you will need to book your Carer's room. This can be booked like any other room. No additional steps are required.

Step 3 - Request your carer to be located nearby

We have created a simple form to fill in that requires both booking IDs and some additional information. This will be sent to the venue so they can fulfill your requirement.

Carer accommodation form

Additional accommodation queries and problems

If you have any other accommodation questions or problems (This can include disability accommodation questions; please restrict your email to accommodation only), please contact the venue at conference.events @ warwick.ac.uk.